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Your website is your face, some time you need website maintenance if you are either running business online, have company’s webpage or you are spreading information through the blog. And if you are doing one of these things you probably know that it takes time to do the big things ant there is no time for minor changes such as irritating procedures of updating information in your website. That is where we come! Give all your black work to us and we will make it a joy! We definitely know that the better your face looks the more benefits you get – more traffic, more satisfied visitors and better communication.

website maintenance services


We will take care of your website maintenance

We will take care of everything regarding your webpage starting with minor changes such as:

  • Keep the information about your products, descriptions and prices up to date
  • Make individual updates on an as-needed basis
  • Check and fix your current webpage and optimize the structure of it
  • Add new pages or sections to your website
  • Add new functionality (online store, blog, gallery, forms, etc.)
  • Troubleshoot the functionality (something broken? fixing bugs! We can fix it.)
  • Insert pictures, tables and other data
  • Archive the old information


Advanced websites tasks

And continuously with more advanced tasks for website maintenance as:

  • Better browser support. We will ensure that your webpage works best on all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. as well as on mobile devices
  • Material design. We will not only add the content to your website but also make sure it looks perfect by adding some simple design solutions as material design. According to Google’s designers, keeping the flat look but adding shadows to images and buttons make them stand out from the content. This and other small but beneficial upgrades make significant impact on your click-through rate

SEO optimization on your websites

  • Professional SEO (search engine optimization). If you are doing business you must be familiar with these three letters. SEO is the practice of improving and promoting your website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!
  • Social media sharing. Social media is essentially important for improving the brand relations with customers, once they find something interesting they have ability to share it with friends and increase the brand awareness.



Our goal

Despite of the services we offer the main goal of our work is to keep the customer happy and satisfied with the work we do. Consequently we strive to do everything right the first time and do our best to continuously improve. Improving our process efficiency and effectiveness is a primary importance to us as a business entity. According to forbesand many other web designers/developers your webpage needs website maintenance regularly or at least once in while.

Website maintenance

And remember – your time is too expensive to spend it on website maintenance,

leave it for us and we will do it more efficiently!

or maybe you need new ( budget )website