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Give your business a face – make a logo design. Make it unique!

When you think of the world’s most successful businesses you firstly imagine the name of it and then the logo comes to your mind. These two attributes are the most essential points of branding. Once the business settles the way their name and logo looks like, the branding process of creating additional value for the customers starts.

We offer you a simple, fast and creative way to get the most valuable asset – company’s logo design – on your balance sheet for a reasonable price. The process for website logo consists of three simple steps:

logo design services


Your company’s profile

In order to make a logo which would create the most value for your customers we need to know a little about your company. Firstly we will ask what is the operational area of your business and who are the people in your target audience. We need to understand who is going to see your logo and what are their interests so that we can create a logo with which customers would fell close. Then the question about your products and service will follow. People must intuitively understand what you are providing by simply glancing to your logo. The last thing that is important when creating a logo is to know how does your company position itself in the market, what are the values of your business. Once we know these things about your company we can let our designers and marketing specialist to start working on the logo itself.


Logo development

Our experienced marketing specialist hand in hand with designers will start analysing your company’s profile and will research what does the target audience want. Relying the project on the customers’ needs we will start conceptualizing the ideas and visualising them. Our designers will do a lot of sketching until 2 to 5 solidly purified ideas with actual logos are ready to be presented for you.


Your revision

Normally we provide 2 to 5 solid ideas which are ready to be implemented with short descriptions on what is meant by the details that lies behind the visual appearance. The logos are provided in two forms – one with the unique colour palette and the other one in black and white format. During the revision process you have a direct contact with the person from the marketing department who is responsible for particular idea and all the remarks from your side will be discussed until the single logo will be perfect


The perfect logo will be sent to you in different forms for both print and digital usage and in both colour and black and white. The last step will be left for you – simply to use it!

As far as our specialists are already familiar with your company and understands the benefits of the logo we would offer you to create a detailed marketing plan in order to make a synergy of all your marketing tools, I.e. logo, name, values, products, etc